Dallas Auto Wreck Lawyer: Dealing with Tailgaters

Dallas Auto Wreck Lawyer: Dealing with Tailgaters


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Dallas auto accident lawyer Amy Witherite represents clients who were injured in car crashes. Ms. Witherite notes that tailgating leads to many car accidents. “Tailgating” occurs when one driver follows too closely behind another driver. If the driver in front stops or slows down suddenly, the tailgater may be unable to react quickly enough to stop. The tailgater’s car then rams into the car in front, often causing serious injuries and property damage. Tailgating may lead to multi-car accidents if the car in front of the tailgater is pushed into the back of another driver’s car.


Drivers tailgate for several reasons. Sometimes, a driver overestimates his skill and speed; the driver believes he has allowed sufficient stopping space because his reflexes and skill will enable him to stop in less distance than a typical driver. A tailgater may tailgate as a way to intimidate the driver in front; this often happens in road rage incidents. Finally, a driver may tailgate because the driver is distracted; a driver who is fiddling with a phone or preoccupied may fail to allow enough distance behind the car in front of him.


If another driver is tailgating you, you might feel angry or upset. Some drivers in this situation slow down or pump their brakes to alert the tailgater. But, taking this approach could lead to a confrontation. Instead, you should keep calm and move to another lane. Once the tailgater passes, you can reenter the lane.


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