Lawsuit alleges keyless ignitions linked to carbon monoxide deaths

Lawsuit alleges keyless ignitions linked to carbon monoxide deaths


09/03/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Los Angeles – A lawsuit recently filed in Los Angeles alleges that due to carbon monoxide risks linked to keyless ignitions, millions of vehicles with the feature should have been recalled. Good Morning America reported that the suit was filed in Los Angeles Federal Court on behalf of drivers of keyless vehicles.

According to the lawsuit “Reasonable drivers mistakenly believe that removing the Keyless Fob from the vehicle turns off the engine.” The suit says that at least 13 deaths and several close call incidents have been linked to carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from consumers failing to manually shut off their engines.

The lawsuit further alleges “for years the Automakers have known about the deadly consequences that can result when a driver exits a vehicle with our without the keyless fob and without having depressed the Start/Stop button. Nevertheless, even though an Auto-Off feature can be implemented without significant effort or cost, the Automakers have refused to act.”

Among the list of defendants named in the lawsuit include Toyota, BMW, Ford, and GM.

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