Twitter Marketing Tips Businesses Can Learn from Katy Perry

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Pop star Katy Perry is known for having made her mark on the music world, but recently she made headlines for taking one of the top global social networks by storm as well. In an effort to launch her new perfume line, Perry, who is the most followed celebrity on the network boasting over a massive 70 million followers, launched a pop up shop on Twitter using the platform’s Buy Now Link.


Source: 3 News Report “Katy Perry launches virtual Twitter pop-up shop to launch new perfume”


“The ‘Firework’ hit maker is currently the most-followed celebrity on Twitter, with 72.9 million fans, and bosses at Coty Inc., the company behind the singer’s fragrance collection, are hoping to cash in on her online popularity by unveiling a new purchasing program to allow customers to buy her latest scent, Mad Potion, with the click of a button.”


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Following the Leader


Twitter marketing expert Macy English of SocialCentiv suggests there are three key takeaways that businesses can use to catapult their own success from Perry’s recent social media marketing effort. English works for a company that has developed a Twitter marketing tool for businesses that assists them in connecting with potential customers using intent based marketing techniques. English suggests that in taking a queue from Katy Perry businesses should:


  1. Embrace Your Power and Give the People What They Want: More of You – According to English, Perry is effectively using her position as the leader in amassing a widespread Twitter following to connect with an audience that encompasses much of her fan base. Says the expert “like the celebrity, businesses have created a strong fan base in those following them on Twitter, which goes a long way in building their brand. It is wise to give them more of what they may be seeking in choosing to follow your business in the first place: more of you, your offers, and a showing of how you can meet their needs.”


  1. Give Followers Easy Access to Purchasing Your Product – Using the handle @KatyPerryPopUp, Perry’s fans will be able to make a purchase of her perfume immediately. This, English says “gives potential customers easy access to make a purchase in real time, as soon as they feel the inclination to.” Businesses can follow suit she says and embed links into their own messages even if they are not using the Buy Now feature on Twitter to direct potential customers to their website or a special offer.


  1. Give Your Twitter Followers the Exclusivity They Deserve – Fans of Perry’s on Twitter will be allowed access to ordering the perfume before it is even released in stores through the Buy Now link. They will also be granted access to exclusive content from the pop star the recent report says. This type of exclusive offer English suggests helps customers and prospects feel a sense of appreciation and value for their loyalty. Says English of businesses “your followers on Twitter will appreciate the gesture so much that they will be more likely to take part in your offer.”


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Platforms like SocialCentiv can offer additional support for businesses in their Twitter marketing efforts. SocialCentiv scours conversations on the network to single out tweets that express intent towards what a business has to offer. More information about how the tool works can be found by visiting


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