Texas Family Awarded $165 Million in Deadly I-10 Crash

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A Texas family was recently awarded $165 million by a Santa Fe grand jury in connection with a fatal car accident. The triple-fatal collision occurred when a FedEx big rig truck hit a parked GMC pickup truck on Interstate 10. In addition to a woman and child being killed in the crash, the driver of the tractor-trailer was also killed.


Source: CBS 4 Report “El Paso family awarded $165.5M tied to deadly I-10 crash”


“EL PASO, Texas- An El Paso family was compensated more than three years after their daughter and granddaughter are killed in a car crash involving a FedEx truck…A Santa Fe grand jury awarded the family a $165.5 million verdict Friday in connection with the triple-fatal crash west of Las Cruces.”


To read more visit http://cbs4local.com/news/features/las-cruces-news/stories/El-Paso-family-awarded-165-5M-tied-to-deadly-I-10-crash-71235.shtml#.VbGMsEU_6jw.


The crash occurred in 2011 and the lawsuit was filed against FedEx and two of its contractors a year later accusing the parties of negligence.


Common Types of Negligence That Lead to Commercial Truck Wrecks


According to the Department of Transportation an estimated 500,000 trucking accidents occur in the United States each year. These accidents leave thousands of victims in their wake, with 98 percent of all of those killed in commercial truck accidents being drivers or other persons who are in the passenger vehicles involved.


Texas based truck accident attorney Amy Witherite, who is not connected to the El Paso truck accident case, says that many of these accidents result due to negligence on the part of truck drivers and trucking companies. Witherite says “many times truck drivers have driven over the allowed number of hours at a time, operate poorly maintained trucks, speed, or engage in other acts of negligence without consideration for the lives they are putting at risk in doing so.” The personal injury lawyer has worked with numerous Texas truck accident injury victims and says that in the state, statistics show that a fatality occurs at a rate of 1.29 deaths per each 100 miles traveled. The number is higher regarding those who sustain a non-fatal injury in these types of crashes.


The CBS 4 news report did not indicate the type of negligence alleged in the civil lawsuit, or the exact cause of the accident.


Legal Options for Texas Truck Wreck Victims


Texas truck accident victims have legal options for getting recovery in the event that they were injured as a result of the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company Witherite says. The attorney says that there are two key things truck accident victims should act on immediately in the aftermath of these events, which are:


  • Getting medical attention – Witherite says that getting medical attention immediately after a truck crash is important no matter how severe a person believes their injuries may be. The attorney says “there are cases where one’s injuries are obviously serious, and then there are instances where a person may be suffering an internal injury that doesn’’t present symptoms immediately. It is important to receive prompt medical attention regardless.”

  • Contacting a truck accident attorney – A truck accident attorney can be called immediately to a crash scene to begin the process of helping a victim who may be eligible to seek legal compensation for any damages they incur, according to Witherite who says, “many injured truck wreck victims don’t know that there can be an initial call made and believe they have to wait until after a police report is issued before contacting an attorney. However, this isn’t true. In most cases it is best to have an attorney on board from the beginning so that the right steps are taken to ensure the best outcome. At our firm we have set up a 24 hour helpline for victims who can call us at any time for help.”


More information about exploring one’s legal options in Texas truck accident cases can be found by visiting http://www.1800truckwreck.com/.



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