How You Chose Insurance Coverage Impacts Your Legal Rights

How You Chose Insurance Coverage Impacts Your Legal Rights


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You may not pay much attention to your auto insurance coverage and just focus on the price when you buy or renew your policy, but what coverage you buy could make a big difference if you get into an accident. Philadelphia’s accident attorney, Rand Spear, warns motorists that selecting less expensive coverage can limit your legal rights to recovery if you sue after being injured in an accident.


In Pennsylvania auto policy holders have the option of selecting full or limited tort coverage. Limited tort coverage is normally less expensive, but the dollars saved on the premium could result in far less recovery if you need to go to court.


“Full tort coverage means that you can bring a lawsuit regardless of the extent of your injury, you don’t have to prove an injury is permanent. Limited tort is a less expensive policy but you have to prove a serious impairment of a bodily function in order to recover damages for your injuries,” Spear says.


He explains that back in 1990 the Pennsylvania legislature wanted to limit the number of lawsuits so they created a two-tier system where policy holders paying more money have more legal rights if they’re involved in an accident. “I think it’s unfair because it impacts mostly people who don’t have a lot of money, can’t or don’t want to pay for the most expensive coverage,” Spear says.


Most accident victims Spear has spoken to tell him their agents never fully explained the difference in the coverage and what benefit they would receive if they decide to pay more for the better coverage. “Most consumers tell me they would’ve opted for the full tort coverage had it been explained exactly what was involved.”


“Always try to get the best coverage,” Spear advises, “It’s protecting you if you’re injured and need help. Not only does it protect you, it protects members of your family and it protects people in the car with you. Accidents happen when you least expect them. They hurt you financially, they hurt you physically and the more you can protect yourself, the better off you’ll be.”

Those who opt for limited tort coverage still have legal rights and Spear says he can help many of them with their legal claims. He says when a cases starts, it may be unknown the true extent of a person’s injuries.


“Someone would typically go to a doctor for medical attention and often get an MRI done. We look to see if there’s a herniated disc, a protrusion, something that we can argue constitutes a serious impairment of a bodily function,” Spear says, “In many cases even when they have limited tort coverage we take their case, we do represent them and we do collect damages on their behalf.”

If you have questions about insurance coverage and a possible injury case or want to find out if Rand Spear is the right personal injury attorney for you, call his office at 888-373-4LAW. He helps those injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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