Dallas Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses the Settlement Process

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Dallas auto accident attorney Amy Witherite represents injured victims of car crashes. She notes that most car accident cases don’t proceed to trial; like most other lawsuits, these cases usually are resolved with settlement agreements before trial. However, if no settlement is reached, Eberstein & Witherite will be fully prepared and ready to try your lawsuit.  Here, Ms. Witherite discusses the settlement process.


In most cases, an attorney for an injured party sends the insurance company or the person at fault a “demand letter.” In this letter, the attorney sets out the facts regarding the accident, discusses the victim’s injuries, and makes a demand for money to compensate the victim for the injuries. The amount requested usually reflects the highest possible value of the victim’s claims.


After reviewing the demand letter, the opposing side’s lawyer may respond by making a counter-offer. Typically, this offer is quite low. Then, the attorneys begin to negotiate a compromise. During the back-and-forth process, the victim’s lawyer discusses the circumstances that justify a higher settlement amount and points out why the opposing side’s offers are too low. Often, the attorneys can resolve the case with informal negotiations. If the process stalls, however, the parties may need to proceed to mediation. At mediation, a neutral mediator with experience in car accident cases shows the parties the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s position. The mediator then works to broker a settlement between the parties. Once a settlement is reached, the attorneys draft an agreement to cover the terms and have each party sign it. The parties then formally close the court case.


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