Parents file lawsuit against Zofran maker, blaming birth defects on drug

08/10/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

New Jersey – A lawsuit has been filed by a New Jersey couple against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) over claims that the drug Zofran caused their child to be born with a severely clubbed foot. The Legal Examiner reported that the lawsuit is one of several that have been filed against the drug manufacturer that are pending in state and federal courts.

The plaintiff’s son was born in 2011 and diagnosed with a congenital birth defect affecting the shape of both of his feet. Doctors have since reportedly made efforts to correct the deformities using various treatments. The child has reportedly not been able to learn to walk correctly in spite of the treatments.

The parents of the child are claiming negligence, failure to warn, fraudulent misrepresentation and concealment, and other allegations against the drug maker in the lawsuit.

GSK reportedly paid $3 billion in fines in 2012 after the Department of Justice concluded the company had engaged in illegal marketing activities.

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