Preventing a “Raid” on Employees by Attorney Keith Clouse

08/09/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

Dallas employment law attorney Keith Clouse discusses steps an employer can take to make a corporate “raid” on its employees less likely.

First of all, an employer can improve the corporate culture so that employees are content and invested in the business; satisfied, engaged employees are far less likely to leave than disgruntled employees. An employer should be alert to times when raiding seems most likely. For example, an employer that pays yearly bonuses must realize that employees are more inclined to leave immediately after they receive their bonus money. An employer should also be alert during times of change, such as during layoffs, takeovers, restructurings, and the departure of important executives. To help counter the uneasiness employees feel during these times, an employer should communicate openly about the changes.

An employer may also implement measures designed to make movement less attractive. For example, an employer could require key employees to sign non-compete agreements that would limit their employment options. An employer could also require key employees to sign non-solicitation ("no raid") agreements; an individual would violate the contract if he left and solicited his former coworkers to join him at his new company. Finally, an employer can show that it is invested in its employees by countering a competitor’s offer.

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