Dallas Bridges and Serious Truck Accidents

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Eberstein & Witherite 18 wheeler accident attorneys discuss the heightened risks for those involved in truck wrecks that occur on bridges or overpasses.


Truck wrecks are typically very serious in nature. In fact, the rate of massive property damage, serious injury and fatalities in accidents involving large trucks is higher than that involving passenger vehicles only. Statistics show that over an estimated 100,000 people are injured in commercial truck crashes annually. Furthermore, data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Commission (FMCSA) shows that 78 percent of injuries in big rig accidents are sustained by individuals who are in passenger vehicles, pedestrians, or others not driving or riding in a commercial truck. The same estimates are shown for people who are killed in commercial truck crashes.


There have been several 18-wheeler crashes in Dallas and surrounding areas that have made headlines in recent years because of the shocking nature of what occurs with them. Many have occurred on major overpasses and bridges in DFW. For example following one recent accident involving a semi in Irving, significant damage was done to an overpass that led to the closures of two major highways. The semi wreck, which occurred during early day rush hour left an immense traffic pileup, and loose concrete hazards that Texas Department of Transportation crews were forced to scramble to cleanup.


Stories like this have been reported on over time for practically every major bridge in Dallas’ intricate roadway transportation system. Dallas is known for its many freeways, particularly the award winning High Five Interchange, a $261 million projected that was completed in 2005. The construction is the first five-level stack interchange to have ever been built in Dallas, and is located at the I-635 (Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway) and US Highway 75 (Central Expressway) junction. A number of accidents have occurred on overpasses like these due to issues such as bad weather, driver inattention, ongoing construction, and other causes.


Whether linked to bad weather conditions or driver negligence, 18 wheeler accidents lead to many lives lost and hundreds of injuries each year throughout the DFW Metroplex. These accidents warrant increased risks of injury or death for those involved due to the travelers being at higher altitudes and at risk of falling, and having limited access to a safe place to move out of the way if something occurs. As stated by Eberstein & Witherite truck accident attorneys with the regard to one of the most crucial components of a high percentage of Dallas trucking accident, “the inattentiveness of truck drivers all too often plays a role in major truck accidents.” In fact, human error is statistically shown to be a factor in an estimated 90 percent of these cases. When truck drivers are not paying attention to the road, the lives of so many are placed at risk.


Individuals who have been involved in a truck accident in Dallas, Fort Worth, or a surrounding city can contact the Eberstein & Witherite law firm for information about their legal options. Those who have been injured by the inattention of truck drivers or other acts of negligence or misconduct may be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages incurred as a result. The firm’s attorneys note that it is important to understand one’s rights in these matters when it comes to being compensated for related damages. Those who need legal help can contact the firm today for a free case view.


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