Fatal Celebrity Car Wrecks Among Top Headline News Stories of Early 2015

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From political news and plane crashes to stories about controversial films, there has been no shortage of gripping headlines in the media this year that have captured the attention of the nation. Something that may come as a surprise; however, is that among the top news headlines most prominently featured in various media outlets so early on in the year is a number of serious accidents involving celebrities. From new updates about the Tracy Morgan crash of last year to the recent fatal accident involving former Olympian Bruce Jenner, celebrity linked fatal car crashes have been one of the top reported news features of 2015 so far.


According to Dallas based truck wreck lawyer of 1800 Truck Wreck Amy Witherite of the Eberstein & Witherite firm, “the string of recent celebrity car accidents are sad to hear about but reports about them are extremely helpful in shining a light on reckless driving behaviors that motorists should stay away from.” These she says include excessive speeding, distracted driving, drunken driving, and driving while fatigued.


Witherite, who is unrelated to the accident case of actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, but has followed news reports about it closely, further notes that from his case in particular there are multiple factors that affect truck accident victims everywhere that people can learn from. Namely, the legal challenges some plaintiffs face when criminal charges are filed in connection with an accident.


Media reports recently surfaced about the Wal-Mart driver facing charges after Morgan sustained serious injuries and another person died in an accident he stands accused of causing. The driver, Kevin Roper, who has been charged with death by auto and assault by auto, attempted to delay Morgan’s lawsuit against Wal-Mart purporting it would impact his ability to receive a fair trial.


Source: The Wrap Report “Wal-Mart Driver in Tracy Morgan Crash Loses Bid to Delay Lawsuit”


“A federal judge has ruled against Wal-Mart driver Kevin Roper’s motion to delay the lawsuit stemming from the crash that severely injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed fellow comic James McNair on the New Jersey Turnpike last June.”


To read further visit https://tv.yahoo.com/news/wal-mart-driver-tracy-morgan-crash-loses-bid-202452476.html.


Witherite says that in such cases, “there are often various roadblocks defendants try to put up that don’t work in the best interest of plaintiffs who bring legal claims against them. Luckily for Morgan, he was able to overcome the recent major hurdle in his case.”


Other notable celebrity accidents that made headlines this year include one involving former Olympian and reality star Bruce Jenner, who has coincidently also been a major media focus due to his widely publicized decision to undergo a gender transition.


Source: The Wrap Report “Bruce Jenner Involved in Car Crash That Leaves 1 Dead, 7 Injured (Updated)”


“Reality television star and former Olympian Bruce Jenner was involved in a multiple-vehicle car accident in Malibu Saturday that left one person dead, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to TheWrap.”


To read more visit http://www.thewrap.com/bruce-jenner-involved-in-car-crash-that-leaves-one-dead/.


One person reportedly died in the multi-vehicle collision and seven people were injured. The circumstances of the crash are still under investigation. Jenner was not reportedly seriously hurt in the accident.


In another recent celebrity crash, “60 Minutes” correspondent Bob Simon was killed. The newsman was reportedly riding in a cab that crashed into a median after hitting another vehicle. Simon, who has been the recipient of 24 Emmy awards throughout his long-term career was 73 years old at the time of his death.


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