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Dallas auto accident attorney Amy Witherite highlights the Texas Department of Transportation’s website. The Texas Department of Transportation is the state agency charged with maintaining the state’s highways. It is perhaps most well-known for its famous, “Don’t mess with Texas,” anti-littering campaign. But, the agency does much more. Its overarching goal is providing safe and reliable transportation solutions for Texas.


The department is headquartered in Austin and supported by regional offices. It also maintains a website full of helpful information for businesses and drivers. On a page specifically dedicated to issues that confront drivers, the department provides information and links for:

  • Its travel magazine

  • How to report a pothole

  • How to purchase a crash report

  • General information regarding safety rest areas

  • School bus safety

  • A seatbelt campaign aimed at teenagers

  • Hurricane safety tips

  • Problems with underage drinking and driving

  • The state’s memorial sign program for victims of drunk drivers

  • How to respond to aggressive drivers

  • How to share the road with large trucks

  • Work zone safety tips

  • Red light cameras


Each of the many links take website visitors to pages filled with information on the topics they are researching. Travelers should consider using this valuable resource when planning a trip or when concerned about a particular situation. Texans can also visit the website to download needed forms and to read reports on the various projects the agency addresses.


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