First injury accident involving Google self-driving vehicle

07/17/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Los Angeles – One of Google’s self-driving car prototypes has been involved in an injury causing accident for the first time. The technology giant made the revelation Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

The collision reportedly involved a Lexus SUV that had been outfitted by the company with cameras and sensors. The vehicle was rear-ended in Mountain View where over 20 prototypes had reportedly been released to drive through traffic.

Google has said the three employees who were in the vehicle at the time were taken to a hospital and cleared to return to work. The driver of the other vehicle reportedly complained of pain in their neck and back.

Chris Urmson, who heads Google's self-driving car program, stated in a blog post on Thursday of the issue with distracted driving and accidents, “The clear theme is human error and inattention… We'll take all this as a signal that we're starting to compare favorably with human drivers.”

The Google SUV was reportedly traveling at around 15 miles per hour when the collision occurred.

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