Texas man convicted in decades old murder of steel company worker

07/06/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Pennsylvania – A Texas man has been convicted of murder in the death of a man killed in 1968. The Associated Press reports Richard Keiper was convicted in the nearly five decades old death of Alfred Barnes on Monday.

Barnes, 40, worked at the Pennsylvania based Bethlehem Steel as an assistant to the vice president. His body was found by Hunters riddled with bullets in a field in 1968. Keiper was arrested in 2013 after confessing to being involved in Barnes’ death prosecutors say. He reportedly claimed he was acting in self-defense at the time.

Defense attorneys cited a lack of DNA evidence, a loss of additional evidence, and a lack of witnesses during trial. They were unsuccessful at attempting to have a mistrial declared on Monday.

First Assistant District Attorney Michael Mancuso stated of the efforts of investigators in the case, “To find people who, A, are still alive, B, are able to remember and articulate what had happened, that's no easy task.”

Keiper is set to be sentenced in October. He is facing life in prison in accordance with laws that were in effect at the time of the killing.


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