Dallas Criminal Lawyer Clint Broden Updates Media Regarding Twin Peaks/Waco incident

Matthew Alan Clendennen, one of the innocent bikers arrested on May 17, 2015 in Waco, Texas has had several requests for interviews with various media sources. In addition, he would like to respond to some of the statements made by Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman this past Friday.


June 15, 2015
1:30 PM
Waco Area
To be announced
Approximate 15 media outlets

Matt and his family will hold a press conference in Hewitt, Texas on June 15, 2015. It is expected Matt will attend, along with his wife (Sheree Clendennen), son (Colton Clendennen), his father (Dave Clendennen) and his mother (Sue Clendennen). Matt, age 30, graduated from Baylor University in 2011 with a degree in business and finance. He shares custody of two children, ages 8 and 12, with his ex-wife and he lives in Hewitt, Texas with his current wife and their two children, ages 4 and 13. He owned his own landscaping business in the Waco area and had six employees prior to his arrest. Before owning that business he served in the fire departments of both Hewitt, Texas and Marlin, Texas and graduated from the fire academy. Mr Clendennen and his family have lived in the McLennan County area his entire life

Mr. Clendennen is a member of the Scimitar Motorcycle Club and was present on the patio of Twin Peaks on May 17th. When fighting broke out in the parking lot of Twin Peaks, Mr. Clendennen took cover inside the restaurant. During this incident Mr. Clendennen did not engage in any violence whatsoever nor did he encourage any other person to engage in violence.

Mr. Clendennen was arrested on a “fill in the name” criminal complaint and has been incarcerated for almost two weeks on a $1,000,000.00 bond. As a result, Mr. Clendennen’s ex- wife has petitioned for full custody of the two children they currently share custody of and Mr. Clendennen is at risk of losing his landscaping business although his father is attempting to run the business in his absence. If Mr. Clendennen loses the business, his employees will be without employment.

Matt will discuss the following topics:

  • Pending civil rights action against Defendants Manuel Chavez, Abelino Reyna, the City of Waco and McLennan County.
  • Reaction to Stroman’s press conference and the likelihood Stroman will be added as a defendant to the civil rights action based on comments Stroman made at the conference.
  • His history of motorcycle riding.
  • What he observed at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015.
  • The reaction of being led by police past dead bodies including a dead body of a friend.
  • The conditions of his seventeen day false imprisonment.
  • The damages caused by the false imprisonment on him and his family.
  • The polygraph examination he was recently given.
  • The judicial complaint filed by his attorney against JP Walter “Pete” Peterson.
  • The request made to the Department of Justice to investigate the violation of his civil rights.
  • Any other topics of interest.

In addition, Matt and his family will be available for individual interviews following the conference. If you are interested in an individual interview with Matt and/or his family members and/or other bikers, please contact the undersigned by email in advance if possible.

Judge Michael Snipes, the district judge who presided over the Kaufman County district attorney murder cases in December 2014 will also speak. Judge Snipes is a retired Colonel United States Army, a former Assistant United States Attorney and served as a state district judge for eight years. He is now a partner in Broden, Mickelsen, Helms & Snipes, LLP.

Finally, it is likely that other attorneys representing persons falsely arrested and persons falsely arrested on June 15, 2015 will be added to the civil rights action and may attend the press conference if it can be done in compliance with the onerous pretrial conditions placed on those release. They too would be available for any questions or interviews.


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