Are You Headed Out of Town This Month?

06/10/2015 // 1800 Truck Wreck // (press release)

This is the highest number of travelers since 2005. Nearly nine in ten of those travelers (33 million people) will drive to their destinations.

The uptick in travel can be attributed to a few factors. One, the economy is more stable, and more Americans are employed. Two, gasoline prices are down. This year, the average price per gallon is approximately a dollar cheaper than it was last year. Three, the harsh winter may play a role; Americans who have been trapped inside because of cold temperatures want to start the summer season with a vacation.

While people are glad that they can travel, they are probably not as pleased to learn that so many other people are also traveling. Therefore, Ms. Witherite offers these tips for Memorial Day travelers to make their experiences safer:

  • Make sure the car’s engine and tires are in good working condition.
  • Make sure all passengers wear seat belts and all children are buckled into safety seats.
  • Do not allow anyone to drink alcohol in the car.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum. Do not text while driving. Have a passenger serve as navigator.
  • Know that you will likely have to drive slower than you would at other times. Build extra travel time into your schedule. Think of ways to enjoy the time in the car, such as listening to an audio book or playing road trip games.

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