Pennsylvania medical malpractice case filings reach record low

05/25/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Pennsylvania – The number of medical malpractice filings in Pennsylvania has reportedly reached a 14-year -low. According to a Post-Gazette report, the number of doctors in the state has also been on the rise amid the dramatic decline.  

More than a decade ago, lobbying efforts led to a series of reforms aimed at among other things restricting medical malpractice lawsuit filing requirements.

Since then, the number of suit case filings in Pennsylvania dropped almost 50 percent since 2002. According to the State Department of Insurance, the number of practicing doctors in the state also increase during the same time frame from 35,379 to 42,811.

Chuck Moran, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Medical Society, has stated of the reasons behind the change, “There could be a correlation between decreased malpractice claims and the increased number of licensed Pennsylvania physicians… Creating an improved and fair legal environment can work to improve the health care environment.”

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