Go Ahead, Call an Employment Lawyer.

04/26/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

An executive will usually “know” when he has been wronged by an employer. He may have received an unfair performance review (adversely impacting an expected bonus), been excluded from key strategy sessions and given dead-end assignments, or otherwise targeted in a manner designed to make him resign.

When this happens, an executive may correctly interpret the signs and act upon them, drawing upon his contacts and goodwill to move on to another opportunity. Doing so makes sense, but an executive must pause to consider whether he is walking away from money he is entitled to. If so, the executive should contact an employment lawyer to discuss his options.

Keith Clouse, a Dallas lawyer who represents executives in professional moves, knows that executives may shy away from calling employment lawyers because they do not want to be involved in employment-related litigation. As explanation, they cite litigation costs, the desire to leave a negative situation in the past and out of the public’s attention, and the need to focus on a current endeavor.

But, as Mr. Clouse notes, parties involved in employment law disputes often resolve them without courtroom battles; the parties reach a resolution via informal discussions. Consulting with an employment lawyer can help an executive determine whether he should pursue such informal settlement discussions with his former employer.

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