Undercutting Yourself in Severance Negotiations

05/21/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

An executive who negotiates his own severance package may make a huge mistake: undercutting himself in the negotiation process. Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse—who regularly negotiates separation packages for executives—explains.

An executive who negotiates his own severance package does so at a big risk. Few executives are aware of all the factors that could influence an employer during the negotiation process and fewer may be in the right mind frame and position to aggressively negotiate a good deal. As a result, an executive may undercut himself by asking for too little. Whether the employer accepts his demand or not, the executive has now placed himself in a poor position for further negotiations; few employers will ever pay over an initial demand.

Instead, an executive should consult with an employment law attorney. An attorney can evaluate the executive’s negotiating leverage and analyze the factors that might potentially influence the employer. An attorney can also help the executive identify his own needs and desires. Then, the attorney and the executive can formulate a negotiation plan that targets the executive’s key severance goals and hits the points that will motivate an employer to make a fair offer.

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