Keeping Your Focus on the Future When Negotiating a Severance Package

05/21/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

Hammering out the terms of a severance package takes priority when an executive has been terminated, but an executive must not forget that these negotiations are a small piece of the overall arc of his career. That’s why Keith Clouse, a Dallas attorney who represents executives when they enter and exit employment relationships, cautions executives not to get so wrapped up in the negotiation process that they fracture their relationships with former team members.

Future references and goodwill carry weight in any industry. After all, no one knows when a previous employer’s path will cross with that of a current or prospective employer. For this reason, pushing for a minimal financial benefit at the expense of a solid personal relationship is rarely advisable.

Hiring an employment lawyer to handle severance negotiations can help in two significant ways. One, an employment lawyer can work with the executive to establish priorities and to set reasonable demands. Two, hiring an attorney places a buffer between the departing executive and his former team members. An attorney can negotiate the details while the executive remains removed from any quibbling or wordsmithing. This frees the executive to focus his efforts on preserving the relationships he has worked to develop.

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