Blindsided by an Immediately Effective Termination

05/24/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

Sometimes an executive is completely, totally blindsided by a termination decision. Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse explains what an executive should do next.

While the executive’s heart may be racing, he needs to remain professional. He should carefully and quietly listen to what is said. He should not agree to any proposed severance package, sign any documents, or verbally make any commitments. If he is pressed to do so, he should calmly state that he needs time to evaluate the situation (or to speak to his attorney) before making any decisions.

Sometimes, an employer escorts a terminated employee out of the building and arranges to pack up and mail the employee’s personal items. If an executive faces this situation, he should politely inform those involved in the termination meeting of any critical items that remain in his office (for example, medication or a personal cell phone) and ask that they be given to him before he leaves.

Being treated in this way can leave an executive feeling not only devastated by the job loss but also disrespected and humiliated. To avoid compounding the problem, an executive should immediately contact an employment lawyer to ensure that his legal rights remain protected.

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