ABC Fox Montana News director killed by estranged husband

05/11/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Montana – The estranged husband of ABC Fox Montana News director Kalee Scolatti reportedly gunned her and another person down in a recent murder-suicide. WebProNews reports Nicholas Scolatti shot his estranged wife and her close friend T.J. (Anthony) Dupras before shooting himself at Kalee Scolatti’s home in Missoula.

Dupras’ former wife and friend Amy Dupras said on Friday following the tragedy two days prior, “Our lives are going to be very empty without those two people in them, I can tell you that right now.”

She further stated that her ex-husband had gone to the home to help Kalee Scolatti saying, “He was there for her when she needed him… I don’t know if she had told him to be there, or if he had come over to hang out. He was there for her, as he always was.”

Kalee Scolatti had recently been promoted to the news director position. She is survived by her three daughters, Izabele, Marly, and Sophie.

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