Small nation bans Facebook amid pornography concerns

Small nation bans Facebook amid pornography concerns


05/08/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Nauru – The Republic of Nauru has initiated a crack down on access individuals have to pornography on the Internet. Recently, the small island country took it a step further and officially banned the social network Facebook amid related concerns, The Independent reports.

Minister for Justice, David Adeang has stated of the ban, “Nauru is a small country with limited resources, and we do not have the capability to monitor the Internet like larger nations, so this move and our new laws are both significant measures.”

Opponents like MP Matthew Batsiua allege that the action limits the rights of individuals to access social media.

Facebook has stated in response to the ban, “We have heard reports that people in Nauru cannot access Facebook.  We believe that restricting access to a free and open Internet deprives people of important economic and social opportunities and choices and hope that access will be restored soon.”

In accordance with the action, refugees who used the social network to connect with relatives while housed in the Nauru detention center will no longer be granted Facebook access.

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