LAX Workers Claim Wage Theft by Flying Food in Lawsuit

05/07/2015 // Keller Grover LLP // (press release)

Los Angeles, CA—Nine Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) workers are suing a food service company that operates out of the airport for failing to compensate employees at the city’s minimum wage rate of $15.84 per hour, reports Los Angeles wage and hour lawyer Eric Grover of the Keller Grover law firm.

Flying Food Group Pacific, which provides food to airlines like Air France-KLM, Etihad and British Airways, is accused to compensating employees below the city’s Living Wage Ordinance.

Some Flying Food’s workers are reportedly making $5.59 less than they should be under Los Angeles’ minimum wage ordinance, sparking the class-action seeking lawsuit may result in up to $15 million in damages if the workers are successful.

Los Angeles’ Living Wage Ordinance doesn’t apply to every business within the city limits, only those who are city contractors, lessees (like airlines) and concessionaries on city land.

According to a 2010 UCLA labor study, “nearly 30 percent of L.A. workers were paid less than the [state] $9-an-hour minimum wage in the week prior to filling out the survey. More than 20 percent of respondents had worked more than 40 hours in the previous week, but nearly 80 percent of those workers did not receive over-time pay,” the Daily Breeze reported.

“Do you know your city’s wage laws? Staying up to date on wage laws is imperative to ensuring that you are always being compensated at the amount required by law (,” said Grover.

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