Cyclist Dies in Houston Bicycle-Car Collision: Tools for Reducing Accident Risks

05/12/2015 // 1-800 Car Wreck // (press release)

Houston, Texas – A bicycle accident that occurred in Southeast Houston left one person dead, report the Houston Accident injury attorneys of Eberstein Witherite. Media reports say a cyclist was struck by a patrol car and died at the scene, after the officer attempted to avoid hitting him at an intersection.

Source: Click2Houston Report “Bicyclist dies after hit by Houston police patrol car”

“HOUSTON – Surveillance video obtained exclusively by KPRC 2 News shows just how dark the intersection is where a Houston police officer hit and killed a cyclist Thursday morning in southeast Houston…. An HPD patrol car struck the bike rider just before 4:30 a.m. in the 8600 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard, according to Houston police.”

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The officer, who is a three-year veteran on the police force, also reportedly sustained minor injuries in the accident after his vehicle crashed into a fence. Witnesses say the officer’s traffic light at the time was green. Authorities were still investigating the circumstances of the accident at the time of the Click2Houston report.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accident injury risks posed to bicyclists are far higher than risks faced by drivers and passengers of motor vehicles.

Source: CDC “Bicycle-Related Injuries”

“While only 1% of all trips taken in the U.S. are by bicycle, bicyclists face a higher risk of crash-related injury and deaths than occupants of motor vehicles do.”

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Houston based bicycle injury attorney Amy Witherite, who has handled several bicycle accident injury legal claims, says that “many cyclists who are injured in motor vehicle accidents are left with permanent injuries that leave them unable to ever carry on with their lives in the same manner as before again.” The CDC also states that in cases of both non-fatal and fatal bicycle crash related injuries, medical expenses and losses in productivity that result has in the past totaled to be around an estimated $5 billion annually.

Attorney Amy Witherite suggests that one of the most important factors in reducing injury risks for bicycle riders when it comes to accidents with motor vehicles is the willingness of drivers to place importance on sharing the road. According to the attorney, “a number of bicyclists are injured each year as a result of drivers not paying attention or making attempts to speed past them as opposed to acknowledging the rights of cyclists to be on the roadway as well.”

There are also several things bicyclists can do to reduce their risks of injury, as outlined by the CDC. These include:

  • Wearing bicycle helmets – Laws in many jurisdictions require bicycle riders to wear helmets while on the road, and have had an impact on increasing the rates of helmet use among adults and children in the country, according to the CDC. Helmets can help dramatically reduce the risks of head and brain injuries for riders who may become involved in a serious accident.
  • Taking steps to appear  more visible to others – Transportation safety advocates note the importance of remaining cognizant of lighting in areas where one intends to ride their bicycles outdoors. Particularly at night, riders can improve their visibility to others with the use of light clothing and reflective lighting on their bicycles.
  • Maintaining an awareness of one’s surroundings – Although cyclists may be able to clearly see other vehicles in their paths, drivers of vehicles may not be able to see them as clearly. Maintaining an awareness of one’s surroundings can help one more quickly get out of harm’s way whenever possible.

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