Start-Up Company Concern: When Do You Need an Employment Lawyer?

03/01/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

Start-up companies operate leanly and typically resist spending money on any “unnecessary” expenses. But, Dallas employment law specialist Keith Clouse believes a start-up company must use its resources to hire an employment lawyer when:

1. The company gets sued by a former employee or by a competitor and the claims involve employment law issues. This is the key time that a business needs professional advice from an employment law specialist.

2. The company is involved in an administrative proceeding with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. An attorney’s insight may lead to a speedier resolution or, at the very least, put the company in a better position should the matter proceed to litigation.

3. The company receives a demand letter from an attorney representing a former employee or a competitor. A lawyer can evaluate whether the alleged claims have merit and can work to resolve the matter quickly.

4. The company is under investigation by a state or federal agency. A lawyer can guide the company through the investigatory process, minimizing disruptions and possible consequences.

5. The company plans to make significant staffing changes, either by hiring or firing employees. A lawyer can mitigate the chances of later lawsuits and ensure that all employment contracts meet state standards for enforceability.

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