New Year, New Look at Old Policies and Procedures

01/25/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

As a new year gets underway, some employers need to revisit policies and procedures to ensure compliance with legal standards. Dallas employer lawyer Keith Clouse recommends that an employer examine:

1. Whether workers are correctly classified as independent contractors or employees. Some employers try to sidestep federal overtime pay and tax laws by classifying workers as independent contractors, but if the proper standard is not met, doing so violates the law.

2. Whether social media policies cover confidentiality of proprietary information, loss of work time, and discrimination/harassment concerns. Almost every day, a new story breaks about an employee’s misuse of social media. An employer should be prepared with a strong policy that is clearly communicated to employees.

3. Whether wage and hour procedures comply with federal standards. Plaintiff lawyers continue to bring lawsuits alleging wage and hour violations, and employers must take steps to ensure their compliance.

4. Whether all management employees have been adequately trained on discrimination, harassment, and medical leave policies and how to handle common situations. Failure to do so exposes the company to liability and creates unnecessary risk.

5. Whether steps must be taken to comply with the Affordable Care Act. An employer should work with its insurance provider to ensure that it continues to comply with this law.

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