EEOC: Workplace Retaliation Claims Reach Record Numbers

01/06/2015 // Keller Grover LLP // (press release)

Oakland, CA—Workers across the U.S. are taking a stand against employers who unlawfully retaliate against employees in the workplace, and they’re doing it in record numbers, reports Eric Grover, a California attorney at the Keller Grover employment law firm in Oakland.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a record number of retaliation charges were filed in the fiscal year of 2013, with a total of 38,539. This is also the fifth consecutive year that retaliation trumped race discrimination in the workplace as the top reported form of discrimination.

Reports of unlawful retaliation include employees being demoted, fired or denied promotions as a result of raising concerns regarding race, gender or other discriminatory practices in the workplace, The Washington Post reported.

It is believed that the increase in retaliation reports is a result of employees becoming more aware of their employment rights ( and taking a stand against unlawful employers, who retaliate against them for raising concerns over unethical workplace actions. In addition, two Supreme Court decisions over the past few years, Thompson v. North American Stainless and Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co. v. White, have expanded the parameters of who can file claims and on what grounds those claims can be filed, which could also be contributing to the rise in the number of complaints.

“The days of workers sitting idly by while their employer engages in unlawful behavior are long gone, as employees are educating themselves about their rights and then standing up for themselves, as we can see in the rise of complaints,” Grover says. “If you find yourself being victimized, it’s important that you fight back and speak to an employment lawyer to help you receive the justice you may deserve.”

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