Dallas Employment Law Arbitrator: Arbitration Myths

03/30/2014 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse (Press Release) // Keith Clouse // (press release)

Arbitration appeals to many parties involved in employment law disputes, but some people have reservations about the process. Keith Clouse, a Dallas employment law arbitrator, discusses three commonly held myths about arbitration.

1. An arbitrator always “splits the baby.” Some people believe that an arbitrator always compromises by crafting an award designed to please both parties. But, arbitrators are not bound to make both parties happy, and they frequently issue strong decisions.

2. An arbitrator favors “frequent flyers.” Individuals involved in employment disputes may believe that an arbitrator will be biased towards the employer because of his past dealings with the employer or a desire to get repeat business. But, before an arbitrator is appointed to a matter, he must undergo a careful screening process for any conflicts of interest. He must also adhere to protocols designed to prevent preferential treatment.

3. An arbitrator won’t be efficient because efficiency reduces his fees. All arbitrators know that lower costs prompt many parties to arbitrate their disputes. When efficiency is a key concern, the parties should look for an arbitrator known for his strong management style.

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