Missing Out on Millions Due to Lack of Intellectual Protection?

05/28/2014 (press release: ElevatePR) // Phoenix, Arizona, United States // Rebecca Brown

We all have the ability to develop ideas worth monetizing, whether it be from creating something new like Twitter or reinventing something like a cell phone into an iPhone. No matter the diversity of ideas, the one thing all successful inventions have in common is the need for intellectual protection. Without proper Intellectual protection, companies like Twitter and Apple would be at risk for lawsuits and would not have become the profitable businesses they currently are. Many counterfeit companies would JUMP at the chance to copy-cat what these companies have produced. Fortunately for Twitter and Apple, they are well protected and in being so, are making millions of dollars a year without the fear of someone taking over their company.

Protection of intellectual property assists to balance the interest of those who create content with the public interest in having the widest possible access to that content. The key to Barbara Luther’s success lies in their, “What do you need?” approach. Whether you want to patent your invention, copyright your work, trademark your brand, and determine whether your idea is patentable, The Luther Law Firm will take good care of it.

“We’re deadly serious about securing and protecting your intellectual property rights,” asserts Barbara Luther. The Luther Law Firm has patented hundreds of IP’s for large and small businesses and individuals alike who have withstood court challenges, generated an eight figure court settlement, and produced millions of dollars annually for many well-known corporations in license fees to the investors.

“We help local investors to get their product to the market, protect new ideas, and resolve patent, trademark and copyright confusion,” says Barbara Luther, founder and CEO of The Luther Law Firm. She explains, “For instance, if the creator of a work has the right to allow or prohibit the use of his work, a playwright, writer, and a musician can exercise their rights on the conditions to produce their works.” If you are in the process of starting a business or investing in one, be sure to set up a complimentary meeting with The Luther Law Firm to find out how to get the right protection, thus preventing the possible loss of millions of dollars in the years to come! To schedule a meeting or to receive a FREE copy of IP Tips & Tricks, please email: [email protected] or visit: https://le155.infusionsoft.com/app/page/4efe5140094139ede215f5a55794311d.

To schedule a media interview with Barbara Luther, please contact Rebecca Brown at [email protected]

About Barbara Luther and The Luther Law Firm:

Barbara Luther, a top-rated patent attorney, has more to offer than just her expertise in patents and the laws that surround them. With a BS in medicine, an MBA, and as a Doctor of Law, Barbara is equipped with all of the tools necessary to help business people effectively protect and maximize the value of their patents as well as all other intellectual property, both within the United States and abroad. As founder and CEO of The Luther Law Firm, Ms. Luther’s ability to assist clients with their utility and design patent applications, trademarks, and copyrights gives her a competitive edge over all others.

Her drive to provide all clients with top of the line advice and service is evident in her desire to work with business people of all backgrounds—she has a true passion for advancing the business interests of all of her clients. To learn more about Barbara Luther and The Luther Law Firm, please visit: http://www.TheLutherLawFirm.com

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