Ron Bell Injury Lawyers discusses Bullying in our schools

02/20/2014 (press release: Ann Mulhern) // Albuquerque, NM, USA // Ann Mulhern

Bullying is something that has become an epidemic in schools across the country.. 20% of High School Students reported being bullied-but how many other students did not?

We all experienced it- unwarranted, mean spirited teasing, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, taunting, bodily harm threats- all of these are what bullies have always done.

In today’s world we also have Cyber Bullying. Kids using online social media accounts to collaborate, plan, share their day and bully people almost anonymously. Excluding certain people from the group can be bullying-particularly if you target that person with the common bullying mentioned above. Spreading Rumors about someone, embarrassing them in public by posting things on Facebook or YouTube… This is bullying that begins to be to big to handle. Bullies always victimize their target on a regular basis.

Students are going to have to take charge and stand up to bullies. Not by defending themselves but by telling a responsible adult what is happening to them and then taking the appropriate action to stop the bullying. We can’t afford to have any more kids taking up violent action because of being different. Kids-of any age-need to tell someone and tell them right away. Lets consider zero tolerance for bullying in schools, on teams and in clubs. Don’t let a bully ruin the best years of your life.

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