Freak Storm Causes Scaffold Collapse at Construction Site in Times Square

11/18/2013 // NYC Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter // Jonathan Reiter // (press release)

A violent storm wind led to a recent freak accident in Times Square in which a scaffold collapsed at a construction site. As reported by the New York Post, good Samaritans came to the rescue of two women who became trapped under the debris of a fallen, poorly built plywood wall during the course of the events. The wall was stated to have been 15 feet high.

52-year-old Aziz Ahmady, who was serving coffee from his cart when the incident occurred, is quoted by the Post as stating, “There were two older Chinese ladies we saw get trapped underneath the falling debris… We could hear them sort of crying out for help underneath. I just tried to pick up the pieces. Then we heard the second lady.” (

The women and one other person were taken to Bellevue Hospital to be treated for injuries, which were reportedly not life threatening.

The New York construction accident lawyers of The Law Firm of Jonathan C. Reiter say that the report illustrates the unexpected dangers that can be present at all construction sites. Anyone, whether they are a construction worker working on a project, or an innocent bystander who happens to get in the way of falling scaffold debris, can be susceptible to serious injury if inadequate measures are taken to ensure the safety of construction areas. The firm states that victims of New York construction accidents have recourse for holding those liable in these cases responsible for their medical care costs and other damages that may befall them due to negligence.

New York construction accident victims can play a role in bringing attention to this type of negligence by taking civil legal action, which in many cases pressures supervisors and overseers of construction sites to prevent potential hazards from going unattended. The Law Firm of Jonathan C. Reiter welcomes individuals who have questions about their legal options in the event of a construction accident to contact the firm today for a free case assessment.

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