Calexico Furniture Distributor Owes $120K in Overtime Wages to 143 Employees

11/18/2013 // Keller Grover LLP // Keller Grover, LLP // (press release)

An investigation into a Calexico-based furniture warehouse has resulted in $120,000 being paid to 143 current and former employees, who weren’t properly paid overtime wages during their employment, reports San Francisco wage and hour lawyer Eric Grover of Keller Grover LLP.

California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su launched an investigation into furniture distributor, Coppel Corporation, after receiving a complaint filed with the DLSE’s Bureau of Field Enforcement (BOFE).

After receiving word of the wage theft complaint, Coppel Corporation began cooperating with investigators and initiated their own internal audit into the matter.

Following a review of payroll and employee records, it was found that employees often worked two to three hours of overtime each week, but were not being paid overtime wages. They were paid regular time, which is in violation of the labor laws.

“We appreciate the employer for responsibly working with our investigators to bring a speedy resolution for these workers,” said Christine Baker, Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).

Sixty current employees were awarded $88,109 in overtime pay, while 83 former employees were owed $33,613 in overtime wages.

“This is an example of how effective labor law enforcement benefits everyone,” said Labor Commissioner Su. “We encourage employers to cooperate during investigations, come into compliance, and make workers whole.”

“Not all employment lawsuits are horror stories,” says San Francisco wage and hour attorney Eric Grover. “There are honorable companies, who simply make payroll mistakes, which is why you should always report your suspicions if you think your employer is shorting you on your wages.” Sometimes unpaid overtime issues can be resolved amicably and quickly, and sometimes wage theft requires the help of an experienced employment attorney to intervene on behalf of the workers.

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