Oil Spill Exposure and Your Health: What Cleanup Crews Should Know

10/22/2013 // BP Oil Spill Claim Website (Press Release) // BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk // (press release)

Following the 2010 BP Gulf Coast oil spill thousands of response workers were enlisted to aid in cleanup efforts. Environmental contamination was a major focus of those concerned about the impact of the massive spill, and crews worked tirelessly in an effort to preserve marine life and ecosystems to the best of their ability. However, despite the progress that has been made, permanent damage was done to much of the affected area that could not be repaired after approximately 210 million gallons of crude oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to damaging the environment, exposure to crude oil has had a damaging affect on many BP oil spill cleanup workers who have had no recourse to be able to afford to pay for the medical care they need. Petroleum can have adverse effects on human beings due to the volatile chemicals it contains. Those who come into contact with it by inhaling, ingesting, or touching it are susceptible to injuries such as:

• Burning of the eyes and skin

• Damage to the membranes of the mouth, eyes, and nose

• Skin rashes

• Respiratory problems

• And other serious health complications

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been allocated for cleanup efforts and reimbursement for those who were harmed by the spill, including Gulf Coast residents and business owners. Through compensation funds, many have been able to move forward from the disaster, but a number of individuals who were a part of the cleanup crews that performed much of the restoration work have not. Too many sustained injuries they have yet to be compensated for.

The BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk can help BP oil spill cleanup workers who are looking for information about their medical and legal options in the event that they were injured by the spill. The help desk can provide a free case review for injured cleanup workers, and can be contacted at any time regarding how to receive help.

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