Proposed Settlement for BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Workers Still Under Review

10/07/2013 // BP Oil Spill Claim Website (Press Release) // BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk // (press release)

A proposed settlement that would include compensation for workers involved in BP oil spill cleanup efforts is still being considered. Attorneys and health officials are continuing to review information related to factors surrounding the claims of many response workers who say they suffered injuries after lending their help to the widespread clean-up initiative.

Thousands of response workers have reported experiencing health issues such as respiratory problems, severe conditions of the skin, seizures, and other afflictions that may be linked to their participation in cleaning up beaches, wetlands and other areas following the massive 2010 oil spill. Many who have sought medical attention have received test results indicating high levels of carcinogens and other toxins indicative of crude oil and contaminant exposure.

Many workers assert that they were not only exposed to unsafe conditions, but they were also not provided protective clothing or equipment that could have aided in preventing their injuries while doing clean-up work.

The proposed settlement is one that could help individuals who directly participated in the clean-up of oil following the spill obtain compensation for medical expenses associated with their exposure to oil, chemical dispersants, and other contaminants that have adversely impacted their health.

The BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk is available for injured oil spill cleanup workers who have questions about their medical and legal options when it comes to filing claims for compensation. A number of individuals in this group have been turned away after attempting to seek compensation from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, but they still may be eligible for assistance in accordance with the terms of the proposed settlement.

Those with questions about how BP oil spill cleanup workers can receive help for their medical claims can contact the BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk today for a free case review.

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