Is There Legal Help Available for Sickened BP Oil Spill Workers?

09/25/2013 // BP Oil Spill Claim Website (Press Release) // BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk // (press release)

Many response workers were hired to assist in the cleanup of the Gulf Coast following the massive BP oil spill in 2010. Unfortunately, the takeaway for many was far more than a reward for their hard work. Many workers were sickened as a result of working in risky or unsafe conditions. Heat stress, toxic chemical dispersants, and toxic crude oil exposure contributed to a number of health complications suffered by many oil spill workers both short and long term.

Respiratory problems, conditions of the skin, and problems in the ear nose and throat are among the common conditions suffered by workers who came into contact with toxins during cleanup efforts. A number of these individuals may have been unable to receive prompt medical attention due to a lack of insurance or other means to pay related medical costs, which can lead to an exacerbation of an already serious condition.

Today, three years after the Gulf Coast oil spill, many sickened response workers find themselves at a crossroads regarding what steps to take to seek compensation for their injuries. Although oil giant BP has set aside funds for compensating residents, business owners, and others impacted by the spill, the fight continues for response workers who are not sure whether they fit into any specified funding group.

The BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk has information about a proposed fund to help workers who need assistance assessing their medical and legal options in the event that they have been injured by participating in cleanup efforts. Individuals can contact the resource at any time to connect with someone directly on how to receive help for their specific case.

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