Teach Your Managers How to Respond to a Pregnancy Announcement

09/21/2013 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

“Guess what! I’m expecting!” When said to a manager, those words may not generate much enthusiasm. But, enthusiastic about the upcoming birth or not, a manager must handle issues related to pregnant employees with care and finesse; a manager’s misstep in navigating this area could cause serious problems for the employer.

When a manager first learns about an employee’s pregnancy, the manager should suggest that the employee visit with the human resources department to discuss leave options and other concerns. The manager should avoid making assumptions, like that the employee will not return from leave or that the employee will poorly perform her job duties in the weeks leading up to the birth. Making—and voicing—those assumptions could lead to a pregnancy discrimination claim.

During the following months, the manager should treat the employee as a capable, productive team member. The manager should not exclude the pregnant employee from key meetings or pull her off of important projects because of her pregnancy. But, if the employee has medical complications, the manager should work with the human resources department to accommodate those concerns.

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