Injured in an Accident? Why You Need an Expert on Your Side

Injured in an Accident? Why You Need an Expert on Your Side


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Dealing with the aftermath of any type of accident is never easy for injured individuals to cope with on their own. Victims must deal with a range of issues in addition to their physical recovery, including how to cover the costs of medical care and other resources needed to help restore their lives back to some degree of normalcy.

Some individuals make initial attempts to deal with insurance companies or other parties responsible for paying for accident claims on their own, mistakenly believing that the costs of hiring an attorney are too high. However, individuals in these cases are often met with disappointment due to strong opposition from insurance providers who make every effort to avoid paying a fair amount for claims. Having expert help for accident injury claims is imperative in many cases for injured victims to ensure that a favorable outcome is achieved in their case. The following are three key considerations for those who may be on the fence about contacting a New York attorney after an accident.

• Free consultation – Injured accident victims can arrange for an initial consultation with a New York accident injury law firm to discuss their legal options free of charge.

• No out of pocket fees – In the event that one chooses to hire a New York injury lawyer, they may do so on a contingency fee basis, meaning no fees or costs are due unless a case is won.

• More time to focus on recovering – When one is represented by a New York personal injury attorney, they do not have to deal with the hassles of going back and forth with insurance companies, or fighting for a fair settlement on their own. This leaves more time to focus on their physical and emotional recovery.

The Law Firm of Jonathan C. Reiter is available to help individuals who need legal representation for a New York accident injury claim. Individuals may contact the law firm for more information on how to obtain a free case review.

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