Concord Personal Injury Lawyer on Defective Drug/Medical Device Injuries

09/09/2013 // LifeCare123 (Press Release) // Life Care Solutions Group // (press release)

Defects in medical devices and dangerous drugs that end up being the subject of widespread recalls can cause extensive harm to patients. Defective drugs have been linked to long-term and fatal injuries for many throughout the country who were unwittingly placed in harm’s way by simply following the instructions of medical care providers.

Many patients are unsure of what steps should be taken when they are injured by a defective drug or medical device. A primary issue many face is determining who is at fault. All too often, patients place blame on themselves if they have given consent for treatment or are told of possible risks associated with taking certain medications beforehand. However, in agreeing to be treated for an ailment or to the use of a pharmaceutical product that has reportedly been designed to treat their condition, one is not consenting to overlook the harm done to them due to a problem they did not cause such as a manufacturing error.

Concord patients who have been injured by a defective drug or medical device can contact a Concord personal injury lawyer at any time to obtain information about their legal right to compensation. They may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses and other damages associated with their injuries. It is imperative that prompt action be taken when one is considering filing a personal injury claim due to the limitation on the time the law allows to bring forth this type of legal action.

A Concord personal injury lawyer at the Life Care Solutions Group is a resource that can provide additional assistance to those who need information about their medical or legal options in these matters. Individuals can contact the group directly for more information about how to receive medical or legal help.

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