Reported Boom in Whistleblower Payouts May Be Misleading

03/25/2013 // Whistleblower Law Firm (Press Release) // Whistleblower Lawyers | Keller Grover LLP // (press release)

A recent reported boom in whistleblower payouts may be misleading by implying that the IRS is on a rapid upswing in payouts from its whistleblower program. The stated $125 million in awards being paid out to whistleblowers in the 2012 fiscal year was actually indicative of something else, if one pays close enough attention to the report.

Of the millions in stated rewards, $104 million went to one person and only $10 million to others under the IRS whistleblower program. Although the $125 million is a substantial increase from the $8 million stated to have been awarded in the previous year, it still shows that there is significant room for growth in this program, and in essence room for more payouts to whistleblowers who help uncover major tax fraud.

Since legislation was passed in 2006 that expanded the capacity of the agency to investigate tips and increased the potential amount of rewards that could be collected by whistleblowers, whistleblowers, their attorneys and Congress have complained about the slow process in the IRS’ evaluation of tips received, their follow up on the leads and administration of rewards. There is ample evidence that tax fraud is rampant. Whistleblowers can expose this fraud and can share in the government’s recovery, as the IRS itself promoted in its release.

The whistleblower lawyers of Keller Grover LLP are available to help those who have information about underreporting to the IRS and other types of fraud learn about the steps that can be taken to report these matters and receive potential awards allowed in accordance with the law. If you are someone with information about tax fraud or fraud in federal contracts that you are considering reporting, contact the law firm today to request a free confidential case evaluation.

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