California Whistleblower Attorneys Launch New Whistleblower Website

02/09/2012 // San Francisco, CA, USA // Whistleblower Law Firm (Press Release) // Jeffrey Keller // (press release)

Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA – The Los Angeles and San Francisco employment lawyers of the law firm of Keller Grover LLP have recently launched a new website dedicated to the support and protection of employees with valid whistleblower claims. The attorneys at Keller Grover believe that whistleblowers exposing fraud and corporate misdeeds are determined people worthy of the support of a legal team with the same drive and vigor. Whistleblowers need a legal team that will work tirelessly to bring their case, the means to bring it to a successful conclusion and the compassion to help them and their families deal with the stress that comes with navigating the unfamiliar waters of the legal process.

The firm has responded to these needs with enhanced access to information about viable legal options for individuals who choose to bring forth whistleblower claims.

For Employees Who Come Face to Face With Fraud

Employees who come face to face with fraud while on the job often have to make difficult decisions, according to Keller Grover attorneys. The firm is seeking to help more employees understand their legal rights in the event that they choose to take steps to expose possible fraud or corruption to the government or other authorities. The firm’s new website outlines pertinent information for those seeking legal protection from retaliation and other unlawful consequences many face when exposing corruption on the job. In addition to the inclusion of information and resource links for whistleblower cases, the new interactive website also includes:

• Social media tools for more convenient access to information and resources distributed by the firm

• An online request form for prompt free and confidential case evaluation or consultation requests

• Updated attorney profiles, testimonials, and more

Employees and others seeking more information about whistleblower laws or other areas of California employment law are encouraged to visit today to view the new website.

About Keller Grover LLP

Keller Grover LLP has an extensive history of providing effective legal representation for consumers, employees, and professionals faced with challenging issues in the workplace. The firm specializes in various areas of business and employment law including wage and hour violations, discrimination, harassment, whistleblower actions, commissions and bonuses, trade secrets, executive severance, retaliation and others. The firm offers free and confidential consultations or case evaluations for those with an interest in discussing a potential claim with a member of the firm.

For more information about the law firm of Keller Grover LLP, or to schedule a free confidential consultation about a potential case, please visit or call to speak with an attorney directly at either their Los Angeles (213.493.6345) or San Francisco (415.659.9937) office.

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