Los Angeles Accident Lawyer Provides Tips

09/09/2013 // LifeCare123 // Life Care Solutions Group // (press release)

The Life Care Solutions Group discusses the types of resources and referrals Los Angeles attorneys can provide for victims of serious accident injury.

Accidents can wreak havoc on one’s life in more ways than one. When a person becomes involved in a serious accident, they are faced not only with physical challenges, but are often also burdened with financial worries, emotional pressures, and other issues that require them to seek external support. The Life Care Solutions Group has outlined five resources or referrals that can be provided by a Los Angeles lawyer in additional to legal representation for a personal injury claim.

• Support group referrals – Support groups for those with catastrophic injuries can help individuals come to terms with living with the accompanying challenges. Individuals in these groups have a first hand understanding of the experiences faced by injured accident victims and many can offer solutions to better cope with a newly acquired injury.

Life care planning referrals – Life care planners are experts who can help serious accident victims determine what their future needs will be to recover from an injury or live with one that is permanent. An expert assessment of this kind is extremely beneficial to accurately determine what are fair damages for an injury claim.

• Doctor referral – Physician referrals for those with special medical needs are sometimes necessary for accident victims who are unsure of where to turn for quality medical help.

• Free case evaluations – Free case evaluations help injured accident victims determine whether a law firm is a good match for their legal needs.

• Contingency fee options for compensation claims – Many accident victims cannot afford out of pocket expenses for legal representation. The ability to hire an attorney without having to pay out-of-pocket expenses, or be required to pay legal fees unless one’s case is won is the only means many Los Angeles accident injury victims have to be able to obtain fair compensation for damages they have incurred.

Los Angeles accident lawyers of the Life Care Solutions Group are one resource that provides support for those seeking help with life care planning and other matters in the event that they have been involved in a serious accident. Individuals may contact the resource at any time for more information on how to receive help.

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