Did Efforts to Protect BP Oil Spill Response Workers Fail?

09/04/2013 // BP Oil Spill Claim Website // The BP Oil Spill Help Desk // (press release)

During cleanup efforts following the 2010 BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration deployed personnel to various areas to enforce regulations for the protection of cleanup workers from health and safety hazards. Areas of focus included protecting workers from:

• Toxic chemical exposure

• Heat and humidity risks

• Inadequate training

• On site injuries

• Illnesses

Although OSHA says that more than 140 professionals were sent to various sites for the protection of workers each day for months, a number of response workers have experienced health complications related to each of these areas since participating in cleanup efforts. Many of these individuals have yet to have their voices heard regarding questions about getting help for their injuries, and have been left out of funding groups designated for compensating residents, business owners, and others who sustained damages as a result of the spill.

BP has set millions of dollars aside for compensation; however, many sick response workers have found themselves unsure of where to turn for support regarding their injuries incurred from oil spill cleanup work. A number have suffered serious skin rashes, respiratory problems, and other conditions that require extensive medical help.

The BP Oil Spill Help Desk is a resource that has been made available to help individuals who participated in cleanup efforts after the massive 2010 oil spill and have questions about how they can receive help. Many of those who were without health insurance or on limited incomes at the time they became injured may still have issues with paying for proper medical care.

Individuals may contact the BP Oil Spill Help Desk for more information on what may be done on their behalf. The resource can provide injured response workers with an assessment of their medical and legal options.

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