British Tourist Loses Leg After Being Run Down By NYC Taxi

08/30/2013 // WPB, FL, USA // Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley // (press release)

Manhattan, N.Y.—An out-of-control taxi hit and severed the leg of a British woman near Radio City Music Hall and Saks Fifth Avenue on Tuesday, August 27, 2013. But, paramedics and police officers weren’t the only ones to respond to the scene, TV’s Dr. Mehmet Oz also rushed to the accident to offer his help, reports CNN.

According to reports, a taxi had jumped the curb around 11 a.m. and hit a pedestrian and a cyclist, which left a British tourist with serious injuries. The taxi had severed the woman’s leg above her foot and below the knee.

Dr. Oz, who was about to shoot, heard the sirens and ran to the scene with students from the medical staff. Dr. Oz was about a block away from the accident when it occurred.

A good Samaritan had used his belt as a makeshift tourniquet, until responding emergency crews arrived and rushed her to Bellevue Hospital for treatment. Another good Samaritan reportedly put the woman’s leg in a ice bucket until paramedics arrived.

The bicyclist was treated at the scene.

Investigations into the automobile accident are underway.

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