Serious Injury Lawyer Greg Vigna on Opthalmology Sub-Specialist Referrals

Serious Injury Lawyer Greg Vigna on Opthalmology Sub-Specialist Referrals


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One third of monocular blindness is due to complications related to ocular trauma. According to Serious Injury Lawyer Greg Vigna, early referral to opthalmology subspecialist to prevent avoidable complications of significant eye trauma should be contemplated. Unfortunately, unlike other fields of medicine, the general public is unaware of the various sub-specialties and their role in complex cases. Without this patient directed advocacy there is often a delay in consultation to sub-specialties in the field.

Early competent opthalmology consultation is necessary to prevent visual loss and disability in cases of serious injuries. Risk factors that increase the chance of blindness from trauma include assault, motor vehicle accidents, gunshots, and slip and falls.

Legal blindness is defined as vision less than 20/200. Serious injuries are often considered as trauma that results in permanent, structural, or functional change shares Serious Injury Lawyer Greg Vigna. In a study of serious injuries revealed that 50% initially had vision less than 20/200. With proper treatment 60 percent will improve with only 9% getting worse.

There are certain injuries that must be followed more closely by opthalmology since they have markedly increased risk of poor outcome. These injuries include perforations, ruptures, vitreous hemorrhage, choroidal rupture, and vitreous hemorrhage. Early referral to opthalmology subspecialties should be considered sooner than later especially in cases where expected improvement is poor reports the serious injury lawyer.

Serious Injury Lawyer Greg Vigna Clarifies Sub-Specialities

There are subspecialties of the cornea and external diseases, glaucoma for management of post-traumatic glaucoma, neuro-opthalmology in cases of brain injury, ophthalmic plastic surgery for orbital fractures and eye lid trauma, retinal specialist in cases of retinal detachment, and pediatric opthalmologist for pediatric and adult strabismus. Strabismus is the medical term for a lazy eye which results from both trauma to the orbit, traumatic brain injury, and advanced vision loss. Early referral to these sub-specialist should be considered, in any patient who do not show early improvement in vision when improvement is anticipated.

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