How Can I Obtain a Future Medical Needs Assessment After an Accident Injury?

How Can I Obtain a Future Medical Needs Assessment After an Accident Injury?


08/22/2013 // LifeCare123 // The Life Care Solutions Group // (press release)

Many who sustain long-term injuries in an accident are unfamiliar with the concept of life care planning. However, these types of plans are essential to ensure that one’s medical and other needs are taken into consideration when determining the extent of damages caused now and in the future by the negligence or wrongful actions of those responsible for their injuries. Many San Diego accident injury victims who seek help from a San Diego personal injury attorney rely on their expertise to help determine what level of compensation they are eligible for in an accident injury claim. Issues may arise for patients if their chosen attorney is unfamiliar with life care planning and fails to accurately identify all anticipated costs related to the duration of time one is expected to have to deal with an acquired impairment.

The Life Care Solutions Group can help those who need an accurate future needs assessment or life care plan. The types of cases that may require a life care plan include those involving:

• Catastrophic injury claims

• Motor vehicle accident claims

• Medical malpractice claims

• Serious workplace accident injury claims

Patients with spinal injuries, traumatic brain injury, amputations, and other serious long-term injury diagnoses are among those most commonly in need of future medical need assessments for injury claims. It is often helpful for attorneys who are inexperienced in the development of these assessments to consult with a qualified life care planner on how a thorough medical review can help with claims.

This article is provided by The Life Care Solutions Group. The resource provides free consultations to discuss specific cases and how to receive help. San Diego accident injury victims should contact a local representative for more information about their medical and legal options.

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