Reporting a Hospital or Doctor’s Negligence After a Failed Surgery

06/12/2013 // New York Injury Accident Lawyer // The Law Firm of Jonathan C. Reiter // (press release)

Undergoing any type of surgical procedure can be frightening. Even though patients may be scared at the outset, they typically have trust in the medical team doing the surgery and an expectation that they will come out of it OK. Sadly, this is not always the case reports New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter. Statistics show that over 90,000 people are injured each year due to medical malpractice, which includes errors made during surgical procedures.

Among the most commonly reported types of surgical errors are:

• Poorly implemented surgical techniques

• Operating in the wrong place

• Organ punctures and lacerations

• Foreign objects left inside the patient (sponges, instruments etc.)

• Anesthesia errors

• Failure to diagnose and treat hemorrhage

• Poorly placed surgical hardware or prostheses

Reporting medical negligence, of the doctor performing the surgery or other medical personnel can be a serious undertaking for patients. Many patients fear that nothing can be done if they are injured by a medical procedure when they have signed a consent form to operate and acknowledged some of the potential risks involved. However, this is not true. Hospitals and medical personnel cannot avoid their responsibility to provide medical and surgical care that meets accepted standards.

One of the most effective ways to deal with medical negligence or report that one has been injured after a failed surgery is to contact a medical malpractice attorney. An attorney in this area of specialization can help an injured patient understand his or her legal options and obtain fair and reasonable compensation for a victim of medical malpractice. Patients can also report medical negligence to the appropriate licensing authority, such as the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct.

The New York medical malpractice lawyers of The Law Firm of Jonathan C. Reiter are available for those who need legal help after being injured by a failed surgical procedure. If you have been the victim a medical malpractice injury, contact the law firm today for a free case review.

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