Women With Mesh Are Getting Dumped

06/10/2013 // Concord, CA, USA // Vaginal Mesh Website // Greg Vigna, MD, JD // (press release)

My original concerns regarding the transvaginal mesh debacle that I have been writing about for the past three months are being confirmed. Too often women are not receiving the medical care they require, they are not receiving the representation they deserve from their attorneys.

First, I am signing clients who have been rejected after months of representation’ by their ‘trusted attorneys’ because they have not had a revision surgery. Revision surgeries increase the value of their case and there are attorneys who are rejecting cases after months of representation that they don’t ‘deem’ worth the trouble of filing a lawsuit. Not only are these women suffering, but they are also suffering with undiagnosed pudendal neuralgia. This is a catastrophic injury. This diagnosis affects every aspect of their lives from sexual function, mobility, and bladder and bowel function.

Secondly, I am signing patients who continue to have undiagnosed consequences of the vaginal mesh. These women have had untreated dyparunia (painful sexual intercourse), undiagnosed maladies such as pudendal neuralgia. These women simply cry when I asked them questions regarding symptoms that they have described over a period of years to medical providers who simply disregard their complaints that are unexplainable because of a lack of education in the medical field.

Finally, I am telling women with mesh who have been discarded or who have unexplained symptoms. I am available 24/7.

Transvaginal Mesh Doctor Greg Vigna, MD, JD

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