Why Was My Social Security Claim Denied? Assessing the Possibilities

06/05/2013 // Wright Disability Firm // Wright & Wright // (press release)

There are many factors that can lead to the denial of Social Security benefits for an applicant. In fact, many claims are denied by Social Security for reasons that are hard for applicants to discern on their own. One mistake that applicants often make that can cause an application to be rejected is the lack of medical evidence supporting a claim.

Social Security outlines strict requirements to meet its definition of disability. Medical records must reflect in detail the nature of one’s condition so that it is clear that they meet the requirements in order to be approved for payments. Obtaining and submitting information from and about all treating physicians, hospitals, and other sources that can provide evidence related to a claimant’s disability is extremely important.

Submitting quality medical evidence is necessary; however, most patients feel powerless in arbitrating what a physician may put in their file. Patients can discuss their goal of obtaining approval for disability benefits with treating doctors and request that pertinent details be included in the information provided in medical records.

Simple filing mistakes, and errors or inaccuracies on an application can also lead to a claim denial. A Social Security Disability lawyer or advocate can help one ensure that their application is submitted correctly and improve their chances of seeing a successful outcome for their case.

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