Can I Receive Disability Benefits If I Can Work Part Time?

05/29/2013 // Wright Disability Firm // Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm // (press release)

The issue of working and being eligible for Social Security Disability benefits is one topic that comes up often. Typically eligibility requirements include total disability and since Social Security does not approve applicants for partial payments, applicants who are able to work part time are unsure of what this means with regard to their chances of being approved.

In short, if one is not able to work a regular, full-time job (meeting the definition of substantial gainful activity outlined by the SSA), then they can generally be approved for benefits. However, SSA will look to the physical nature of the part-time employment, mental duties, or a combination of both. SSA will also look to see if work was performed for pay or profit; or the work was of a nature generally performed for pay or profit, whether or not a profit is realized. Therefore even volunteer work can be considered in determining whether one’s work was below the substantial gainful activity level to be approved for disability benefits.

There are several factors used to determine an applicant’s eligibility, and even if one has an understanding of the general criteria outlined by the SSA, there may be special circumstances under which they may be eligible to receive benefits if they qualify. Therefore, it is helpful to discuss one’s specific circumstances with a qualified attorney or legal advocate who can provide answers on a case-by-case basis to related questions.

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