Is Psoriasis a Condition for Which I Can Receive Social Security Benefits?

05/21/2013 // Wright Disability Firm // Wright & Wright // (press release)

Psoriasis is a chronic condition of the skin that can range from mild to severe and affects patients who have it differently. Those who deal with it in its milder forms may experience annoyances such as itchy skin or inflammation during outbreaks, but their issues are often short lived. In some cases, however, one’s condition can be so severe that it proves to be a major hindrance to their lives. Dealing with issues such as severe joint pain and frequent infections of the skin can prevent those inflicted from being able to maintain employment.

Social Security has a disability listing for a number of conditions that may qualify individuals for benefits. Although psoriasis does not have its own distinct listing, there is one for dermatitis under which psoriasis sufferers may be able to qualify for benefits if their condition is persistent and severe enough. Although most cases of the skin condition are not severe enough to allow eligibility to receive Social Security, there are cases that meet or can possibly “equal” the outlined guidelines. When a condition “equals” a disability listing it is generally a combination of processes that affects an individual’s ability to work. Some individuals may also be eligible under related listings for joint problems linked to their psoriasis diagnosis such as psoriatic arthritis and the combination would possibly equal a listing..

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